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Start generating leads: 5 ways a Helprace community gets you customers

No matter what you sell – from plumbing fixtures to wedding planning services, offering a community on your website allows your team and user base to interact with one another. By providing an open forum for your users to freely discuss your product, you create an environment that can potentially increase sales.

woman-at-checkoutHow does it work?

Whatever business you’re in, customer service is an essential lifeline that supports your entire enterprise. Yet due to constant changes in technology, customer expectations also change over time. As a result, companies should always adopt new ways to make their users feel engaged, especially when trying to convert a first contact into a sale.


A brand-centered community is a frequently overlooked tool that can be used to increase the quality of support. Communities keep conversations at the forefront, increasing your company’s SEO reach and most importantly – foster the creation of leads that materialize into sales and growth.


  1. Support that’s flexible

When you build your community, you let your user base work for you. Your support can work across all time zones and days off. For example, if one of your customers asks a question late at night, another customer across the world can join the conversation and provide their own feedback.

The Helprace community works within your help desk interface to provide you with the right tools to really set your support apart.


  1. Build relationships that last

A community fosters the creation of long-term customer relationships as a place for everyone to speak their mind. Your customers will seek you out because they genuinely like your business and appreciate your company on a deeper, personal level.


Just like a small business knows their customers by name and knows when to step in to alleviate the situation, a Helprace community allows the company to give their support a personal touch transcending traditional channels.

  1. Open a new dimension of interaction

A community is a peer-supported discussion medium centered on your brand. These discussions unleash new avenues in customer retention and loyalty building. Many studies have shown that loyal, repeat customers are a company’s most prized possession and the biggest profit driver.


A Helprace community gives your user base an ability to participate in discussions whenever they feel like it. If they can’t find their answers through search, users are prompted to ask a question, share ideas, report a problem or give praise. Alternatively a user has a choice of sending a private request to the support team.

  1. Give your support a face

People want to interact with other, real people. This is especially true when support is involved. A community discussion is transparent, open and collaborative. It conveys a different experience than a phone call or an email to support might offer a user.


A Helprace community is a medium for support, too. Since community activity is transcribed directly in the admin panel, agents can step in at the right moment to turn a potentially deadly customer situation around.

  1. Save time and money

A customer community reduces the number of tickets that would be otherwise directed to your support portal. Since users are compelled to search first and ask questions later, a Helprace community can drastically cut down on inbound tickets.


It all boils down to consistently delivering the “wow” experience to your customers.  A properly setup help desk and community from Helprace gives your employees the power to take part in a community while in the same breath providing seamless support.

In conclusion

Helprace is not a clunky forum that you can snowball with other integrations and feedback tools. Then again it doesn’t try to be. Instead, Helprace focuses on tasks of primary importance to customers and agents, and that is simplifying common actions and commands. Users and team members alike can participate in the community, search the self-service portal or submit email requests without ever clicking the “back” button.

shopify-appstore-featuredWant to try Helprace out? You can get a free copy simply by signing up here: